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Post  lUxXeD on Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:36 pm

TPG-1 Pro            Main_tpg_1_pro

NX cost
1 Day - 900 NX
30 Days - 6,500 NX
90 Days - 11,900 NX
Permanent Duration - 29,900 NX


Popularity Above Average

Features Pre-attached Scope Dark Tan Paint Job Muzzle Brake

Ammo capacity 5/20

  • Damage 100
    Portability 43
    Rate of Fire 16
    Accuracy 98
    Recoil 65

Firing modes Bolt-Action

Customization Magazine

This is a great gun! The accuracy is great as is the damage. This gun will hit almost 100% of the time and it can kill almost anyone in one shot. If you want to be a pro sniper and you need a great gun then this will be the one to use.

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